Friday, March 29, 2013

Gothic Project Runway

I'll have to add the name of the 1920s couture person here on the left when I have the original wire photo in my hands again; no, it's not Chanel, obviously, but I've forgotten her name.  The dress looks to me rather Poiret-like.  An eerie element provided by the headless man to the side with hat on his lap.  The 'madame' here looks about to hand over the young woman in her diaphanous gown to him.  Strange visual and psychic reminder of Plate I of Hogarth's Harlot's Progress, in which the old bawd, Mother Needham, is likewise about to 'hand off' the innocent young miss, Moll Hackabout, to the invidious rake, Colonel Charteris.  In the Hogarth image, Charteris--an actual historical figure and convicted rapist--is shown discreetly masturbating as Needham sizes up the new girl.