Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Day in Vienna, Anschluss Begins

"(March 12)  SALZBURG, Austria--AUSTRIANS LINE STREETS TO SEE HITLER'S TROOPS MARCH BY---'As Hitler's soldiers rolled into Austria March 12 to force Chancellor Schuschnigg's resignation and set the stage for annexation, Salzburg, lying near the border, got an early sight of German armed strength.  Here and there was a Nazi flag.  Here and there an arm was raised in the Nazi salute to this horse-drawn supply train, in strange contrast to the motorized units that speeded through the streets and on to Vienna; to the giant bombers which winged overhead with their loads of soldiers.  Note the last team in line.  The German army still uses mules.'
(AP Wirephoto) 1938."

The Anschluss became official on March 13th.  Anna Freud was arrested by the Gestapo the same day and interrogated, an event that persuaded her father, Sigmund Freud, that it was time to leave Austria.  After torturous negotiations over exit visas etc.  Freud and his immediate family were allowed to leave for London on June 4th.  Four of Freud's elderly sisters perished in concentration camps.

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