Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Life Aquatic

 The outdoor pool I swam in as a child in Folkestone, Kent.  I can see now it had fairly cool 1930s-looking changing rooms.  But in the early sixties the thirties weren't yet cool; they were too recent, and thus still horribly *dreary.*  (Now that I think of it, the early 1960s were the 1930s, and vice versa, at least in Austerity Britain.)  As can be seen, the pool abutted the grim & godforsaken English Channel.  The pool water was unheated sea water--a fact that made one's stays in it brief and unwilling.

By contrast: the pool I swam in in the mid- to later sixties--attached to the Buena Vista Apartments, a vast thousand-unit rather down at the heels apartment complex in one of the tackier parts of San Diego.

The pool looks nicer, though, and was.  But the apartments themselves became notorious a decade or so after we'd moved away--home to a serial killer who murdered at least five women in the complex.