Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't Point That Thing At Me

To my chagrin, one of my suppliers of archival news photos has gone out of business.  (Sniff.)  But before the sun sank into the sea, I made some interesting bargain purchases: this being one.  Valley Forge Hospital, 1944--so I presume it shows some kind of rehabilitative therapy for a military man.  All very PT-109.  

Yet hard not to marvel, too, at the suggestive poetics of the image and     *serious* plumbing works here on view.  A veritable plethora of stop cocks and nozzles.   Those basins on the right were obviously edited out when the photo ran, but what exactly are they?  Urinals?  Sinks?  Bidets?   Part of the treatment?

Finally--just noticed--that small touch of 'white out' masking liquid just beneath the man's hand, in front-crotch area.  Would seem to be there, presumably, to disguise any compromising militaristic bulge, especially given that Nurse Cherry Ames, playful medical minx, appears to aim her spray at her patient's more ticklish parts.