Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cooking Instruction with Ginger

AKA Tina Louise, who poses here with two young contestants in some sort of television cooking contest.  The food looks scrumptious--like freeze-dried meals shipped straight from Gilligan's Island.

The redheaded Louise (b. 1934) seems to have been rather more serious-minded than one would have ever surmised at the time--i.e., when one sat glued in front of the TV with one's 4-year old sister in 1965.  Yes, Tina started out--with Jayne Mansfield--as a "product advocate" in the 1958 Frederick's of Hollywood catalog.  But she longed to be a serious actress and later said Gilligan's Island had ruined her career by causing her to be typecast forever after as post-nubile bimbo. 

In the glamorous AP publicity photo above, her culinary partners seem smitten enough.  Heavily lacquered locks are everywhere.   Below, a recent pic of Tina from Google images.