Friday, August 9, 2013

Petites Déesses

No wonder I was bewildered by the card I posted on July 10 under the title 'Child Goddess.'  I was confusing that card with this one.  (In my addle-pated defense: the two tiny models do look alike.)  What had happened, I wondered aloud, to all of Baby Artemis/Diana's accoutrements? etc. etc.  Very maundering and unsatisfactory and pointless (my post).

I still don't know who the little girl in the other card was meant to represent.  In the card to the left, which turned up in a pile of pc's I was organizing a few days ago, however, it's impossible to mistake the subject.  As in a Renaissance emblem book, all of the identifying motifs are here--to the point of allegorical overkill.  Ah, semiosis: it's flooding out my circuits.