Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well, Not Every Frenchwoman... unbelievably hot, it turns out. How could I leave the City of Lights--demain--without posting Mme Delait and her dog? Two hairy angels. There are other Mme Delait postcards in existence--a set in fact-- but so far this is the only one I have. As you can imagine, they're quite expensive. One has to ask (oneself) what makes them so desirable.

In strange Parisian convenience store tonight, buying a three-pack of Toblerone bars. The man in front of me was a shoplifter, who had just been dragged back into shop by beefy guard. (I watched it happen.) He'd apparently had a tall can of '1664' beer in his pocket for which he had failed to offer remuneration. They didn't reprimand him or arrest him, just led him back to the cash register like a horse. We had to wait while he fumbled through pockets for predictably nonexistent cash.

Au revoir, Paris.