Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweetness, Forgiveness

Alas, not keeping up with 'post every day' injunction, but I have pledged to reform. Related existential teaser: have I acquired enough postcards and photos that were I to cease collecting overnight, I would still have enough to post an image for every remaining day of my life? Imponderable.

Unlike the lovable and humane expression on this young woman's face. Photobooth images have become highly collectable lately: the classic 4-picture strip-- the People's Photo Format of the 1940s-60s-- now seems 'vintage,' an artifact from another era. Good hand-tinted examples are especially prized. Here are a few (detached images) I've picked up.

Black and white, I realize. But this fellow reminds me of one of my favorite colleagues.

Her name was Nell.

No name, but tons of pizazz. Check out the curl in front: like Belinda's in The Rape of the Lock.

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